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Aida64 Crack, turned 22 years old this year and that’s a lot to say when it comes to software. In an era when new programs and apps are launched every day and many of them don’t survive more than a few years, this is quite an accomplishment. This doesn’t mean that it’s an aged version of a once cutting edge program, on the contrary, it has continued to develop and offer new features. It now also has smartphone compatible versions.

Aida64 Crack
Aida64 Crack Free Download

This new version of Final Wire’s well-known program comes in four different presentations:

Extreme, for home users.

Engineer, for IT technicians and engineers.

Business, for small and medium enterprises.

Network Audit, for corporate networks.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, they all come with a set of cool new features.

Key Features of AIDA64 crack:

It runs hardware and network diagnostics and keeps you up to date with your equipment’s performance.

It’s performs stress tests on your systems.

It’s provides information about sensor values.

It will help you keep track of your disks, memory and processor’s performance so you can detect any problems fast.

Advanced Features:

The Business edition allows you to monitor and diagnose remote equipment.

You can set benchmarks for certain measures and see how close to those numbers your systems are.

Its measurements are so on point that you will not have the need to personally check your hardware to notice that there is an issue. That’s how accurate it is.

You can monitor your sensors remotely by using a tablet or smartphone.

System Requirements:

Operating system: for personal use it runs on every Windows version from 95 up to 8.1. For business use you can install it on Windows versions that go from NT4 all the way to Server 2016

You’ll need to have an Intel processor, Pentium or later.

80MB of free disk space just for the installation.


Aida64 creators are not new to the business. They all have a lot of experience programming on different environments and they have put all of that experience into work to create a very reliable and stable diagnostics tool. They have kept on improving and adding new and appealing features to their program as well as making an effort to keeping it current in terms of the number of hardware components it supports. The release of portable versions is also a sign that they are not letting their guard down, they keep coming up with options to make their users’ lives easier.

Even if it’s just for personal use, being on top of any issues your computer might have and being able to react promptly to prevent major damage or improve on a lacking performance can be the difference between keeping your system up and running and only noticing the problem after it crashes.

Try it out, there’s a trial period so you can really get an idea of what it has to offer. Even after you buy, if you are not completely satisfied, you can get your money back. There’s really nothing to lose

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